About Us

This is your invitation to become a charter member of the newly-formed Ottaway Steam Train Association. We are embarking on a new day in history and need your support for the premier organization for Ottaway miniature steam train owners, former owners, operators and enthusiasts across the nation and around the world. This Association will be dedicated to preserving the legacy started over sixty years ago by the Ottaway Amusement Company In Wichita, Kansas.

Imagine yourself sitting in the cab of a miniature train locomotive, you’ve just gotten your orders from the stationmaster that the telegrapher has cleared the track ahead, the conductor yells an “all aboard” and gives you a highball, you give a couple shorts blasts on the whistle, ring the bell, open the cylinder cocks, and crack the throttle.  As your train slowly pulls out of the station, puffing and churning, you look back and see all the excited faces and you know you are forming memories that will last a lifetime.

You now have the chance to share your memories and help provide new ones as the Ottaway Steam Train Association steams away from the station, offering ideas and information on these great little trains.

We will bring together the history of the Ottaway steam trains, along with providing repair and restoration ideas and share what it takes to keep them running.  We plan to build an ongoing on-line Ottaway steam museum of each known train and try to find the missing ones.  We will keep adding Ottaway photos and literature and use your input to try and untangle some of the Ottaway mysteries.

You will be able to interact both by internet and in person with Ottaway steam enthusiasts across the country.

Don’t miss this chance to share your experiences and ideas in this exciting hobby and reap the benefits only the Ottaway Steam Train Association can provide.

The train is leaving the station-don’t miss this opportunity as we travel along a new route into miniature steam train history.

For only $ 25.00 per year you can be a part of the only steam train group dedicated to studying the history and evolution of Ottaway steam trains.

All aboard!!!