Where Are They Now

Welcome to the Where Are They Now Page. This is the place where we will post information about an original Ottaway Steam engine that we knew where it was at one time but have lost track of it.

We hope that you may be able to help us out in locating where these engines might be today.

 Here is the first one in question:

 This photo is from the Parsons Kansas Sun Magazine, Chris Cruz Collection that appeared with the following caption:
KatyPark01b There is one train serving Parsons Kansas over which Northern District Superintendent C. W. Watts has no jurisdiction. It’s "main line" is a short stretch of track in the city park and it’s schedule is irregular – depending on demand from kiddies who want to ride the "choo choo". But like everything else concerned with railroads in Parsons, this is a Katy train – and because it is, Supt. Watts rides over the line on an "inspection" trip.

If you know where this engine is today, please drop us a line at the Contact Us Page. Thanks!